Ear piercing closure

Many people wear earrings in pursuit of fashion, but wearing earrings will inevitably require piercing. But one day you may suddenly not want to wear earrings, and then you will think, take off the earrings, will my piercings be there forever?
The answer is no, if you don't wear earrings, the piercing will close. However, how long this takes depends on where the piercing is on the ear and how long it was pierced. If it's less than six weeks old, the hole will close after about 24 hours, and it will take longer when the hole is fully healed. For long-term earrings, the holes won't close even if you don't wear them for a week, which takes longer. But if you are sensitive to metal and your piercing is irritated or infected, the piercing will close within a few days, and you will need to keep an eye on your ear to prevent it from getting worse. When this happens, it takes a while for the piercing to be re-pierced.