Storage of jewelry

If your jewelry is often used up, put it aside. Over time, you will find that some jewelry will slowly lose its luster and fade. It's not that the jewelry you bought is of poor quality, it may be that you don't take good care of them and store them well.
The reason you need to store jewelry. The first is to protect them from damage, which is likely to happen when jewelry is exposed to extreme environments, heat, and water. When we store, we must first do a good job of cleaning, be sure to keep the jewelry in a clean condition.
1. Store your jewelry attributes by classification: divide them into different metals, precious metals on one side, stainless steel on one side, and copper jewelry on the other side. In short, try not to put them together if they have different attributes.
2. In an airtight box: The box mentioned is an airtight container that can be lined or felt or a soft rust-proof wooden box inside. For example pearls put them in felt-lined boxes
3. If you store precious metals, you can consider wrapping them in rust-proof cloth. The cloth is muslin. Zhejiang West helps to keep the luster of the jewelry, the overall color does not lose its color, and it is also in order not to come into contact with other elements.

4. Put activated carbon next to the storage box or other storage place, which can absorb nearby moisture and prevent damage due to wet weather.