What Makes Cheap Jewelry Look Expensive?

No one wants jewelry that looks cheap, and many people can't afford expensive jewelry. But that doesn't stop them from buying cheap jewelry, some of which are cheap and look expensive.
So how do we go about picking or knowing something that will make your jewelry look expensive?
1. You can choose a bead bracelet
You'll often see fashion shows with bead bracelets, similar to pearls, but you really don't need to wear real pearls to look elegant and stylish, there are many alternatives to bead bracelets, and you won't find them without serious research.
2. You can choose bright gold, gold jewelry itself can bring a luxurious feeling.
3. Choose enamel or element-rich jewelry: Although these are cheap compared to gemstones, they are not inferior in appearance, but you also need to choose good quality enamel jewelry.
4. Unpopular and unremarkable jewelry: similar to magnetic jewelry, for example, if you wear a magnetic bracelet, your friends can't see what's special, but you tell them that this jewelry can relieve arthritis pain and improve sleep quality. When it is also helpful for blood pressure, they will subconsciously feel that this jewelry will be very expensive. After all, things related to pain are not cheap.

We can also go over some other tips to make your jewelry look expensive
1. Pair it with luxury items: One of the best ways to make cheap jewelry look expensive is to pair cheap jewelry with expensive luxury jewelry. Mixing and matching means that both look expensive, and most of the time, no one can say that one is expensive and the other is not. For example, if you wear a Rolex bracelet with a bracelet, people will take it for granted that you are wearing a Rolex. There is no reason why your bracelet is worth much less than your watch.
2. Wear smaller jewelry: Small jewelry is not easy to be seen as cheap jewelry.
3. To wear jewelry with high gloss, dull gloss is obviously cheap jewelry