Will stainless steel bracelet change color or rust?

  Will stainless steel jewelry lose its luster or rust? What are your thoughts on jewelry? Gold, silver, or just something beautiful and eternal, no matter what material it is? If you want the jewelry you buy to remain stable, stainless steel may be one of the materials you want to consider. Why is it stainless steel?

  Although stainless steel is corrosion-resistant compared to most metals used in other jewelry making, it will also rust and lose its luster. No jewelry can be worn for a period of time and remains the same as before. Over time, all kinds of jewelry will become dull, it is only a matter of time; so does the stainless steel bracelet.

  Why does the stainless steel bracelet lose its luster or rust? It depends on several reasons: Stainless steel (used in jewelry) is an alloy of metals such as chromium, nickel, carbon, manganese, and iron. Most of the metals inside are easy to rust under external influence, but the chromium in it can prevent oxidation and protect the stainless steel bracelet from rust. Therefore, stainless steel bracelets must contain a certain amount of chromium. Studies have shown that it is at least 10%, but there is no guarantee that your bracelet will be 100% safe. If the chromium layer in stainless steel jewelry is damaged, other metals will chemically react with oxygen, causing the stainless steel jewelry to rust, etc.; another reason is that stainless steel will form an oxide layer when exposed to the air. The oxide layer has corrosion resistance. It also loses its luster in some harsh environments, such as sea water immersion and so on.

  Many people like gold-plated or cold-read rose gold stainless steel bracelets, but this type of bracelet is more prone to rust, because electroplating can easily damage the outer layer of stainless steel.

  If the stainless steel really changes color accidentally, how can it be solved? The most efficient is ultrasonic cleaning, but this is very expensive. Other economical methods are to use soap and warm water or baking soda.


  Although stainless steel jewelry is largely non-corrosive, it may lose its luster if it is internally damaged or exposed to certain environments. Over time, keeping it clean for a long time will improve its appearance, while protecting it from extreme environmental conditions to extend its wearing life.